Influencer marketing is the new trend


As a result of an increased number of brands wanting to interact directly with their customers, the influencer marketing industry has made significant changes. While many brands set aside a significant portion of their budgets for influencer marketing in the previous year, the challenge was finding the right influencers.

Influencer marketing campaigns underperform when the influencers’ originality and creativity are stifled by too many brand guidelines. Experts advise brands to choose influencers whose content type is the closest, if not the best, match for the campaign’s requirements.

Every campaign is unique, with its own messaging and expected return on investment. As a result, expecting the same influencers to work on every brand campaign may be unrealistic. According to Neha Puri, CEO, and founder of Vavo Digital, an influencer marketing agency, brands can reach their target audiences by having a deep understanding of factors such as audience interest, income bracket, gender bifurcation, and location.

“Based on their content type and metrics, seven out of ten brands match with their ideal influencer/s in our ongoing campaigns.”

Brands have become more aware of the fact that they are partnering with influencers for their reach and the content they create as the number of influencer-brand collaborations grows. Influencers aren’t just mouthpieces for brands, as they are well aware.

Most influencers prefer to work with brands on products and services that they can use in their daily lives. This is how they will be able to produce credible content for the brands with which they are collaborating.

Brands have established unique selling propositions (USPs) that they want influencers to discuss. On the other hand, influencers are very clear that their audience is their top priority. Furthermore, they will only maintain their engagement if they continue to do what their followers expect of them.

According to Sheth of Monk Entertainment, brands have realized that it is best to leave the creative part to the influencer because they are the ones who know their audiences best.

While not all of the metrics of an influencer marketing campaign can be tracked, giving influencers a unique coupon code is a common practice among brands these days. This code allows them to keep track of how many potential customers have converted as a result of a particular influencer.

According to Puri of Vavo Digital, other marketing tactics cannot provide such media value. “However, the most important aspect of influencer marketing is to approach it strategically.” This type of earned media equivalence can only be achieved if the brand collaborates with the right influencers in the right niche,” she concludes.

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