Made in India Meditation and Mind Performance App, Level Supermind Wins ‘App of the Year’ at Google Play’s Best of 2023 Awards

Made in India Meditation and Mind Performance App, Level Supermind Wins ‘App of the Year’ at Google Play's Best of 2023 Awards
Made in India Meditation and Mind Performance App, Level Supermind Wins ‘App of the Year’ at Google Play's Best of 2023 Awards

Wins the best app for Personal Growth as well and paves the way for Indo Futurism’s role in the Global Mental Health Conversation.


Level Supermind, the all-in-one mind performance app, co-founded by Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps, Harshil Karia, and Aayush Anand is thrilled to announce its triumph at the Google Play Best of 2023 awards, where it clinched two prestigious titles – ‘Best App in India’ and ‘Best for Personal Growth’. This double win highlights the app’s significant impact on the well-being and personal development of its users and the growing importance of Mental Health and Mental Fitness in India.


Securing the title of ‘Best App’ positions the brand at the forefront of this year’s standout applications on Google Play in India. This accolade reflects the app’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and providing users with a seamlessly enriching experience.


This acknowledgment holds great importance, given the multitude of apps vying for the award. The Google Play team meticulously reviewed and curated the selection, where Level Supermind distinguished itself with its high-quality app, positive user ratings, social impact, accessibility, innovation, and user-friendly design. This recognition underscores the brand’s dedication to delivering an exceptional experience for its users.


Speaking about the win, Harshil Karia, Co-founder said, “We’re beyond thrilled to receive these accolades at the Google Play Best of 2023 awards. This win is an acknowledgment of the tireless dedication and innovative spirit of our entire team. It fuels our passion to continue redefining mind performance and mental fitness in India, making Level Supermind not just an app but a transformative guide for personal growth and well-being. The recognition inspires us to push boundaries and ensure that Level Supermind remains the go-to resource for individuals seeking a positive impact on their mental well-being.”


Ranveer Allahbadia, Co-founder expressed, “Being recognized as the ‘Best App in India’ is a deeply humbling achievement for all of us at Level Supermind. It’s a validation of our mission to empower individuals on their journey to a healthier mind and a more fulfilling life. This win is a milestone in our collective pursuit of excellence, and it serves as a starting point for us to reach even greater heights. We are committed to evolving and enhancing Level Supermind to continue positively impacting the lives of our users and contributing to a global culture of mental well-being.”


Aayush Anand, Co-founder shared his thoughts, “Securing the Google Play 2023 awards for Best Overall App and Top Self-Improvement App is a significant win for us and it highlights the dedication and passion of our tech-powered team, which enabled us to build an app of global standard in just 1.5 years of our launch. Back when I graduated from IIT Madras 1.5 years ago, I could never have imagined leading such a young and dynamic squad to build India’s premier app, committed to making mind performance and mental well-being accessible to all. As a co-founder deeply involved in the daily grind of Level Supermind (LSM) alongside the team, I assure you we’re just getting started. We’re all about disrupting the scene, innovating for our users, empowering the world to reach its highest potential, and stepping up our game daily for our users. Team LSM is fully committed to making waves globally. This is just the introductory chapter of our journey; stay tuned for what’s coming next!”

Adding to the pride, this marks Level Supermind’s fifth recognition, showcasing the unwavering commitment to excellence by the brand. It stands as the pinnacle of official recognition by Google India, reinforcing the brand’s solid position in the digital landscape. The past achievements, including being a Golden Kitty Finalist in 2023, securing a spot in the Indian App Scale Academy 2023’s Top 15, being a Top Ten Trending App on iOS and Android in December 2022, and achieving Product of the Day 2022 (Top 4) on Product Hunt, further highlights brand’s consistent dedication to delivering quality and innovation.

All the Global players in the app space of Mental Fitness, Mindfulness, and Meditation practices are from countries outside India which is surprising given the fact that a lot of the practices have their origin in India and India has the largest pool of practitioners and seekers. The team at Level SuperMind truly believes that this could be India’s gift to the World.