Rapido launches its new brand campaign “5 Nahi Toh 50” Guarantee; Promises confirmed Auto allocation in 5 minutes

=Rapido launches its new brand campaign
=Rapido launches its new brand campaign "5 Nahi Toh 50" Guarantee; Promises confirmed Auto allocation in 5 minutes

Mumbai, November 30, 2023: Rapido, India’s leading app-based commute service, is set to revolutionise commuting with its innovative “5 Nahi Toh 50” guarantee auto campaign. This unique initiative promises users confirmed auto allocation in 5 minutes of search time. Rapido sweetens the deal in case of any delay by offering 50 Rapido coins as a reward. This customer-centric approach is all set to transform the commuting experience in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru, promising unmatched convenience, reliability, and heightened user satisfaction.

The “5 Nahi Toh 50” concept embodies Rapido’s commitment to addressing the frustration of commuters, particularly females, who often struggle to find autos promptly. The ad campaign, featuring lead female protagonists, introduces Rapido Auto as the ultimate solution in a series of three quirky ads connected with a catchy and memorable jingle.

Rapido’s guaranteed auto campaign marks a transformative change in how commuters experience auto services. The films, released in five languages, including Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi, resonated with audiences of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido, expressed his enthusiasm about the “5 Nahi Toh 50” initiative, stating, “At Rapido, we constantly strive to enhance the commuting experience for our customers. By introducing the ‘5 Nahi Toh 50’ guarantee, we aim to address the common frustration of commuters waiting for an auto, revolutionising people’s commute and providing a unique and rewarding experience. The move will also ensure a safer commute for women passengers who will not get stuck searching and negotiating with other autos.”

This game-changing offer underscores Rapido’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation in the commute service industry. Rapido’s “5 Nahi Toh 50” guarantee is poised to set a new benchmark, ensuring users reach their destinations comfortably while enjoying the added benefit of Rapido Coins in their wallets.

Before the “Guaranteed Auto” campaign, Rapido made waves with its “Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi” campaign, which became a viral sensation across social media platforms. This campaign, celebrated by netizens, showcases Rapido’s commitment to pioneering creative solutions, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Rapido’s latest ad campaign on “5 Nahi Toh 50” concept is now live. Extending a hassle-free commuting experience, Rapido has reaffirmed its customer-centric brand position and seamless expertise where every ride is a guaranteed delight!