Mainstream AI unleash by Oracle Cloud and Nvidia


Oracle Corporation well known for its cloud computing service, Oracle cloud. It also provides servers, storage networks, applications, and various services via a global network of data centers which in turn managed by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Cloud is working on the lines of advanced technologies to attract more new infrastructure customers. It wins customers by leveraging advanced technologies, OCI and Chip Partner Nvidia are providing new exciting cloud services in order to make it easier for enterprises to deploy AI solutions. An American Multinational technology company, Nvidia Corporation indulges in gaming and professional markets by designing graphic processing units exclusively for them. They also design graphics on a chip unit for mobile computing and the automotive industry.

 Oracle despite creating a remarkable rise in the cloud- infrastructure business, has recently come up with an exciting update. The company has made a few updates about new chip partners and advanced hardware capabilities. An announcement has been made that Ellison and Oracle will be shifting their focus on advanced technology. They are going to push very hard on advanced technology as a major differentiator. Another intriguing thing was about AI deployment breakthroughs with chip partner Nvidia.

At Oracle Live launch event, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang in a video conversation spoke about the new A100 GPU. He said that it is aimed at using the “deep learning” concept in order to accelerate the speed of training exclusively in AI and ML models. He further described the “deep learning” concept as “The Big Bang of AI today” as it has been propelling their growth. Data-center business is doubling every year. The growth has been doubling off when software trained with AI wants to be accelerated by GPUs.

Many business customers have informed Huang that they got a massive demand for larger and larger models and eventually led to the partnership with Oracle primarily due to the advanced technology. In order to meet the escalating needs of business customers, in terms of harness the power of AI and ML, OCI has come up with exciting features. To optimize the new Nvidia A 100, OCI has upgraded RAM, storage, and cluster- networking.


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