Major aspects to run a Blue Data-driven organization


Data…Data…Data from the beginning of the 21st century are no things to highly relevant rather than data. We all are stolen by ourselves day by day as all we know. Likewise all from the 21st century, the world faces data revolution now it reaches higher to its peak today.

All organizations as well as MNC’s run based on analytics results. Furthermore, data analytics would reflect in media as well as politics too. All democratic parties do their campaigns and gather their people stronger by using such kind of data and also media select their daily coverage on human aspects in the reflection of data.

Technology rise. If we log into any website and go through anything, the next day we saw the updates of that search. From 2010, we saw it from our surroundings. Today the data collection leads from suggestions to forces. MNC’s would take decisions from the pros and cons of data analysis. The activity is named a “Data-Driven Organisation”.

Data-Driven Organisation, the term familiar to every MNC’s means an organization run on the result analysis of data. Here, no human decisions are under consideration. It works all based on the data we obtained. Learned upcoming pros and cons of data we took and further action develop regarding it. To build blue-driven organizations, noticed so many things.

First of all, develop a team for data collection and recruit appropriate persons from each department for work on it. The recruited persons would be efficient for its analysis and have a proper idea about its run. And also, he must know how to separate data based on the performance of the companies, how to split into each department and how to feed based on its performance. The income of the Data-Driven company depends on the work of the analyzer.

The selected team members include business analytics, Quality Checker, Data Analytics, etc. People who are selected would be more efficient and would become good analyzers. Further activities determine based on their performance and we determine how to run any organization.

According to surveys, building a data-driven organization is not about Technology but also based on the further results of data analysis. From collecting data to process it into action all steps are essential in data analytics. If we give up anywhere, it must affect all the organization.

After analysis, from the statistics of the result, we determine from where we improve. From the vision of Newton’s first law of motion, data must flow unless it affects the organization. Keep data flowing. The more data we analyzed the more results we obtained.

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