Mamaearth features Shilpa Shetty Kundra in their new ad film


Mamaearth, one of India’s fastest-growing FMCG businesses, has debuted a national television commercial for its Milky Soft Baby Care Range, starring Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

The Mamaearth baby care range’s no-toxins and safe proposal, as well as Made Safe accreditation, are highlighted in the television promo. The TV commercial is created by Korra Worldwide. It emphasizes the benefits of natural ingredients as well as the assurance of safety in Milky Soft baby care products.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra stars in the film, which begins with Shilpa playing with her infant when a friend arrives with a large basket for the baby. Shilpa, visibly irritated by her friend’s tardiness, inquires as to why she is late, to which her friend responds by showing her the basket of sweets that is the cause of the delay, which also comprises Mamaearth Milky Soft Range items.

Shilpa inquires as to why Mamaearth items were chosen for the infant, and the friends respond that the products are free of chemicals and have been proven to be safe.

She then boasts that she has been using Mamaearth Milky Soft, which contains the goodness of oats and milk proteins, as well as Made Safe accreditation, to provide the necessary nutrients to the baby’s skin assuring the safety of the products.

The film ends on a strong note, stressing that proof of goodness is what obtains Mama’s approval. The film is a straightforward but effective portrayal of the brand’s philosophy and product offer of goodness on the inside.

Ghazal Alagh, Mamaearth’s Co-Founder and CIO said that millennial parents are rapidly becoming attentive and aware of the substances in the products they use on their babies. They’re looking for products with promises and proof that they’re chemical-free and safe.

As a result, the Mamaearth Milky Soft collection combines the goodness of natural ingredients with a toxin-free promise, as well as Made Safe Certification, ensuring that the products are safe for their children.

They have underlined this exact notion with the film. They hope that this idea resonates with the millennial parents and that they choose nature’s goodness alongside their products

The launch of the Milky Soft collection coincides with the launch of the television advertisement, reinforcing the brand’s leadership in baby care with safe and toxin-free goods.

Gaurav Nabh, CEO of Korra, says that only a mother understands what is best for her child and would ensure that the youngster grows up in an environment free of toxins. Based on this insight, they are proud to present their most recent work, in which Shilpa is depicted as a mother using and endorsing Mamaearth’s milky soft line.

Mamaearth goods are quickly becoming the most recommended and gifted products when it comes to celebrating the arrival of a new family member, as shown in the clip.

The Korra Worldwide-created TVC is a 35-second film that will be followed by a 15-second edit that highlights the product feature.

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