Mango recruits the idea of Art as therapy, organizes workshops


Mango are providers for the finest art and craft products laterally with lifestyle and office necessities. With modernization being the vital scheme of the business, their approach has always been meek and in line with their slogan ‘makes my day’ With a range of workshops and virtual sessions, Mango has been regularly hitting in efforts to look out for its clients and circulate posts about positivity and complete welfare.

Mango, the global excellent writing materials brand founded in 2004 and later it has wholly altered the conservative stationery retail experience. Pravin Chheda and his brother were the innovators of Mango, which has become a local name in Thane and Navi Mumbai with two retails in each of the cities. Around in the retail business for more than three decades, Chheda is famous for his brands like Hastakala, Silkline, Cotton Bazaar, among many. With Mango, the innovative retailer added one more feather to his cap and boosted his present repertoire. Four years back, Sitanshu (Pravin’s son) joined the family business, strongminded to take his father’s legacy headlong.

Mango believes that fine art is beneficial. The past year was so stiff on every person, Mango has originated the concept of Art as a remedy, by presenting corporate employees and students in educational institutes to a method of expression, a standard of letting the emotions out, a permitted area to explore one’s trace of thoughts, which in return aids people realize their emotional struggles, advance improved social services, increase confidence, manage compulsions, diminish anxiety, and perform healthier in their lives.                         

Sitanshu Chheda, Director of Mango Stationery, said that Fluid art, Alcohol ink, Mandala Art, Resin art, Gouache Painting, and watercolours are all extremely famous methods of art used as a remedy but he believes that exactly any method of art can upraise mood and truly make you feel better. Colouring books that are finished exclusively for grownups are in advance a lot of admiration as they relax your cognizance. These are not like kids’ colouring books, these have complex designs that need you to focus thus improving one’s attentiveness skills,” Chheda added.

Mango regularly demonstrates workshops that encompass clay modelling, fluid art, doodling, and other exercises that empower people to go with the stream that art takes them in and truly refresh their senses. Mango goals to spread out to individuals and support them bear times like these during an enduring universal catastrophe like the one we are presently in.

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