Eros India reforms its operations for imminent growth


Eros International Media Ltd (also branded as Eros India) is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company, grounded in Mumbai, India. It is one of the principal production and distribution firms in the country. Founded by Arjun Lulla in 1977, Presently his sons Kishore Lulla (Executive director and CEO, Eros plc) and Sunil Lulla (Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director) succeed the company.

It is a subordinate of ErosSTX, shaped in 2020 as the outcome of a union with an American film studio and mini-major STX Entertainment. Eros co-produces, attains, and distributes Indian movies in numerous formats worldwide, including theatrical, television syndication, and digital podiums. Eros has completed over 12,000 movies in its collection that includes Telugu, Hindi, and other provincial language movies.

The pandemic has lasted longer than everybody could have imagined and has resulted from businesses across the globe. The big-screen business in India stays one of the most brutally affected, with several blockbusters having to readjust themselves to publications on streaming platforms and OTT services, as a replacement for theatrical releases.  Multiplexes and theatres have stood the onslaught and remain to face observational challenges for over a year owing to a complete lock-down. In such a situation, outmoded representations are altering, and studios have been required to innovate their business models.

Coordinated with such extensive-based variations, Eros is utilizing these times to focus on reformation and re-innovating its business model. The company has commenced an organization global business reforming isometrics to point out the current challenges and emphasis on developing regions. Though this rearrangement comprises cross leveraging efficiencies, it also, unfortunately, results in downsizing, in these unparalleled periods.

With a shrill effort on the future and on its digital commercial, which has grown suggestively in the past couple of years, the company has fully-fledged its OTT platform – Eros Now, to fruitfully add 19 million premium paid subscribers and 224 million registered users from over 150 countries across the globe in the previous fiscal year. The company credits this accomplishment to its innovative content, international and local partnerships, and improved focus on technology.

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