Unacademy’s Newly released Film Thanks Its ‘Believers’


Unacademy has launched a new film titled “Unacademy Believe”, which shows gratitude to its educators, learners and users who the company calls its ‘Believers’ for making the five-year-old company, India’s largest learning platform.

The film opens with the famous soundtrack ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons and takes the viewers through a day in the life of a very young learner as she begins experiencing a larger than life view of everything the Unacademy platform has on offer – from India’s first educators to innovative and interactive live classroom sessions on a wide range of courses, lessons from stalwarts in the popular ‘Legends on Unacademy’, and a lot more. As the film knits through these highlights, it also shows different achievements in Unacademy’s pursuit with the message that the backbone of its success is the enormous support of its ‘believers’. 

To embed on the message of gratitude, Unacademy removed the terms such as ‘learners’ and ‘educators’ by replacing them with the word ‘Believers’, restate that the music track chosen for the film was also an incredible tribute to them.

Some data on Unacademy the film reveals include over five million monthly active users, 49 million learners, 50,000 educators, 150,000 interactive live classes monthly, over two billion minutes of content created every month, and a strong existence in 10,000 cities across India.

The film broke viewership records within hours of its release and making over 800K views across social media and digital platforms, with overwhelming positive reviews. Twitter alone went above 580K views in three hours, making this yet another triumphant marketing initiative for the major Edtech company, who has given viewers some of their most remarkable marketing films in recent years such as the tribute video of Sachin Tendulkar – The Greatest Lesson, IPL – Cracking the Game film and a series of quirky IPL TVCs, Women’s Day – Teach Them Young film, among others. 

The films from Unacademy tend to focus on a spirit every learner should absorb to succeed. While the recent film urged learners to thank those who have played a part in their journey, the film featuring Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar, urged learners to take in the quality of resilience in their lives. The film, IPL – Cracking the Game, had similarly encouraged learners to be creative and find knowledge in every situation, while the Let’s Crack It anthem embedded the message of perseverance.

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