Marketing automation adds specific value to the business through personalization


Business have realized the importance of marketing over the decades. It has helped them retain and attract more loyal customers to their business. It has shown its role in focusing on a customer-centric approach in marketing and business have started realizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in business. A blend of both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has created the most powerful marketing weapon for any business against its competitors, commonly known as marketing automation. 

Marketing automation has allowed companies to approach their customers in a more personalized manner. Although, research conducted currently shows that only 40% of the business has been able to employ marketing automation while the rest of the 60% business is still trying to figure out the way through which they can assimilate marketing automation into their business strategy. 

  • Intelligent marketing Strategies: Marketing Automation is the collection of software platforms and technologies exceptionally designed to benefit the marketing segment of the company. Its functions begin from capturing the Data Touchpoints converting it to most useful data for the marketers. A customer’s life-cycle begins from the Data touchpoints, where the customers see the advertisement of the brand, ratings, and reviews, visit websites, and search for products and services of the brands. These are just a few touchpoints out of the numerous possible touchpoints. Marketing automation captures these touchpoints and stores this information of analytical use. 

After collecting all the possible touchpoints, artificial intelligence processes the data and converts it into useful information for the business, where the companies can focus to build successful strategy to empower over the weakness of the business and analyze the strength. Here comes the major role of Artificial Intelligence where the big data is converted into useful information through the successful deployment of AI, ML, PCA modeling, and marketing automation. A huge volume of data can be easily converted into successful business strategies and huge companies have been using these data to understand their customers in a more personalized manner.  

  • Trends into marketing automation: Over the years, businesses have been using chatbots, voice recognition, content marketing automation, etc. are eventually being used by the marketers to generate higher revenue and have become an essential component for the marketers. It has given them sufficient time to think about further improvement possibilities and better customer experience. It helps them to analyze the behavior of potential customers and improve their services. It helps them to plan their further scope of expansion both for small and large-scale businesses. 
  • Driving business success with business Automation: Marketing automation also increases the potential of segmentation and channelizing it into a two-way communication between data and the customer’s response to the personalized data. Henceforth, the brands will focus on sending more personalized and curated information to the customers rather than sending the bulk of unwanted newsletters, e-mails, and messages which were mostly disregarded by the customers.


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