[Marketing Concepts]7 Cs of e-marketing


Like the 7 P’s of traditional marketing, there are 7 C’s of e-marketing. These 7 C’s are the fundamental aspects to understand the complexities in internet marketing and to transform the web presence to successful venture. The 7 C’s are as follows:

  1. Contract: This means the marketer first should communicate a promise to consumer that will be appealing to them.
  2. Content: It refers to the content that appears on the website about the product. It could be anything like article, ads, videos etc.
  3. Construction: It means user friendly features on the websites which will help the marketers to deliver the promises quickly. Examples include one click ordering features in the website of the company, pay pal services etc.
  4. Community: Including interactivity features in the website which allows C2C interaction and help the marketers to develop dedicated customers.
  5. Concentration: This refers to targeting online based on the behavioral profiling. Knowing the past transactions, likes and shares will help the marketers target the right customer.
  6. Convergence: Moving on internet marketing and traditional marketing will be integrated, domestic brands will become more global and existing marketers will continue to take advantage.
  7. Commerce: This is the transaction that takes place through internet either by selling goods or services or marketing for another company for a fee.

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