MaxEd Talk The Walk with Mr.Sukesh Shetty, Co-founder, Trips for Business


Trips for Business is an AI-powered T&D platform that helps corporate travelers manage their travel programs efficiently in a shorter time. In the latest edition of ‘MaxEd Talk The Walk‘ hosted by Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair, Chief Curator- MaxEd, The Co-founder of Trips for Business, Mr. Sukesh Shetty shared about his journey with TFB.

The idea of Trips for Businesses is primarily aimed at simplifying the whole business travel perspective. TFB intends to bring a simplified UI and UX design to stand out from the competitors.

Looking into the market landscape and different tools offered in the market at this point, it can be categorized into two separate categories. There is an enterprise platform space mostly built by travel tech companies. It’s licensed for usage, so large agencies would probably pick such a platform from a travel tech company and then go and implement it for their customers. There is a deployment timeline for about two to three months, deploying at a customer location cloud-based server-based.

Customers generally have a lot of requirements. There are different behaviors exhibited by a corporate customer, so the whole idea of this platform is to scale up and scale down. It follows a very clean and simple UI UX methodology.

The basic idea of Trips for Business is that clients may want them to be a part of the journey. At the same time, TFP doesn’t want the clients to feel locked in with them.

Pandemics and natural calamities are always unexpected. In such situations, the challenge of tracking the traveler is very important. The company can go to the extent of integrating an SDK into the mobile, which tracks where your travelers are, and if they grant location access, they will be able even to track them where they are.

Regarding the launch of their platform, They are currently working on the UI UX design. The plan is to keep it very simple and straightforward and go with just two models on the pricing front. It may either be a per-user pricing or per-transaction pricing model.

About 150 to 200 customers are already a part of their initial launch plan, so first, they’re going ahead and do the deployment. There’ll be a lot of testing and changes that are going to keep happening, so for the first three months won’t be any activity on LinkedIn or social media marketing, and mostly the promotion will be through word of mouth, considering that there is already a base that needs to be catered to. They are planning to come out with more marketing campaigns after five or six months.

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