Kerala Tourism invites you to the ‘God’s Own Country’ to feel the change in air


As the year reaches towards the end, the state is urging people to visit it, for a difference in scenery and environment in addition to invest some quality time in the midst of nature.

The year 2020 gave us the Australian bush fires, the COVID pandemic and the lockdowns with it hand in hand, which are now nearing to an end.

A large number of us looked upwards towards our god for direction and hope, particularly during lockdowns as everything was a mess within us with no idea what to and what not to do and vast majority of humankind was clueless with respect to what the future will bring.

Furthermore, in what is by all accounts a fitting finish to this alarming year is that, ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala has released an advertisement urging people to visit the state and take in a difference in the air.

 Kerala remains carpeted in greenery and monsoon rains transform this ‘God’s own country’ into a paradise. When the dark clouds transform into rain sails and on the wings of winds sway in Kerala, they simply make the green greener, and just make life livelier.  And so, most of the people like visiting India’s heaven during monsoon for enjoying the freshness of air.

In this 59-second ad promotion by Stark Communications, an ad agency which shows the worries of a mother when her family takes off for a vacation in the midst of the pandemic. “Stop touching and having contact with any of the things,” she teaches her little girl at the air terminal. One needs to take precautions when travelling or even if not. As the family arrives at Kerala and starts to head out to the hills and greenery, we see the mother’s concern vanish…

And when New year is all in it’s a great opportunity to venture out into the green valleys, reviving waterfalls and fog covered mountains of Kerala. It’s also an ideal opportunity for a hashtag release which says #changeofair, which peruses the advertisement’s YouTube portrayal.

Stark Communications has additionally released three print banners for its ‘A Change of Air’ campaign. They were shot by Kapil Ganesh Photography for Kerala Tourism.


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