Redmi’s new rap video with Danish Sait themed on “at home new year parties amidst COVID”


Danish Sait plays several traits of comic characters such as politicians like Nograj, Ramamurthy Avre, Gopi, etc. in the rap video.

Redmi’s latest brand video features Danish Sait, actor, host and influencer.

A comment reads “Finally Danish Sait got a phone to replace those weird stuff that he used to as” this comment is a depiction of how influencer marketing works and would make sense to netizens who follow Sait on social media platforms.

Sait is always seen using random household products from a kettle to a flower pot in his comedy videos as props. In the latest brand new video, he is seen using the Redmi Note Pro smartphone. Apart from a smartphone, he is seen promoting Redmi earphones and smartbands.

The video is titled “Come Dance with Mi” is yet another quirky rap video from Xiaomi’s marketing. Previously the Diwali rap song was crafted by Baba  Seghal, the new year campaign is taken ahead by Sait and Vamsidhar Bhogaraju.

Sait video features many comic characters and all their characters played by Sait himself. Prominent ones of the video include politician like Nograj, Ramamurthy Avre, Gopi. The Redmi video has several of the traits of these personalities. One of the Sait’s own videos during the pandemic was titled “Apartment Dumb Charades”. The video of Redmi unsurprisingly starts with a mention of the title “Apartment New Year’s Party”. Redmi rap video touches several of the top trends of the year 2020 like tight financing, social distancing, staying back at home, being social on social media, banana bread, biryani, and dalgona coffee. The only last thing that was missing in this Redmi rap video would be the presence of Manu Kumar Jain, managing director, Mi India. Jain was on a Diwali rap video with Baba Seghal.

Last year Xiaomi released a string of videos featuring Sait at the lead. The ad films portrayed and parodied POTUS Donald Trump, news anchor Arnab Goswami and controversial baba Swami Nithyananda. The films were conceptualized and crafted by Schbang. The video on Swami drew a huge response and even from Baba himself.


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