Zomato shares “2020 Meme Rewind”


India’s diversity and culture is best communicated through its food decisions. We love food so much that every 100 miles, we see culinary tastes change according to different culture and taste preferences.

Zomato is an Indian online food aggregator and a conveyance fire up established by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. Zomato gives information about menus and user-reviews of the restaurants just as food conveyance partnered with restaurants in selected cities.

Zomato has shared a 2020 recap string on Twitter, uncovering how and what Indians ordered for this year. The Twitter thread, which contains some great realities about the nation’s food order priorities and likewise looking back at it probably includes all the greatest trending memes of the year 2020.And all these trending memes got captured and got a huge response for the meme rewind done by Zomato .

 Chronicling and servicing India’s changed taste buds is Bengaluru-based online food delivery masters Zomato. In ‘2020 Meme Rewind’, it uncovered India’s dietary patterns and they were an incredible eyebrow raiser.

Some of them were so shocking as there was a person who ordered 369 pizzas this year and 414 people searched for ‘bat soup’ on the app and most of all biryani was the most ordered dish in this whole year from their app they delivered 22 of them every minute in the year of 2020

The Zomato meme fest was a great platform to get into India‘s food ordering and couple of days later opponent Swiggy released its StatEATstics 2020. It got biryani as the ruler of food orders and got to know a biryani order is been done every second. These shares highlight India’s ordering habits and also pay homage to some of the greatest meme trends of 2020. These tweets are bound to leave you giggling.


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