Media Monks aims to dominate APAC with the UnrealEngine


A grimy landscape that has a sun-dappled mountain valley, a city skyline with crackling lightning, and the boom of thunder overhead. These settings chase each other on a curved LED television. The LED television is bound on both sides by the reflection of the walls that are moveable and topped by a ceiling LED panel.

The Media Monks company office known as ‘The Volume’, this 8,000-square feet studio is a digital marketing and advertising services company, that promises to be a game changer in the filmmaking industry for not only advertisements, but also in all other visual media.

The company located in Noida’s Film City has a 3D virtual studio powered by Unreal Engine, a 3D computer graphics game engine created and powered by Epic Games. The US-based game and software company has many popular titles such as Fortnite, Gears of War, and the Unreal video game series.

Robert Godinho, Managing Director of Media Monks company says that majority of the players in both the streaming and news segments are discerning to use the technology and space for upcoming projects, with the announcements expected sooner rather than later.

John Paite, CCO of Media Monks company says that their creative team has spent several months just locked in with all the equipment and learnt how every element of it works, the kind of work that can be done on it, and the different ways it can be used according the needs of the clients. He also adds that whoever has come to check out the facilities has become a convert, and is eager to create on the seemingly limitless canvas.

The only limit to the applications of the Unreal Engine, according to John Paige, is one’s imagination, but it is also crucial for clients to have their creative vision in place because, despite the studio’s tools ensuring the highest level of technical work, they cannot enhance the content or the messaging that clients have created themselves.

Robert Godinho says that due to all the advantages, the future of filmmaking and advertising is going to be the virtual 3D stage. Claims that Media Monks is currently operating the largest such facilities, bolstered by a creative and technical team that is well versed in this immersive style of filmmaking. Robert Godinho is sure that the agency will remain at the forefront of the APAC region for high-end shoots and shoots using Unreal Engine.

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