MG Motor India unveils new campaign for MG Gloster


MG Motor  India has unveiled a new 360-degree campaign for its first of its kind autonomous level 1 premium SUV  model MG Gloster. The campaign shows how MG has combined technology and has created innovative features in the model and the features were developed while keeping the customers in mind.

The concept of the campaign was developed and created by Cheil India and the campaign is promoted on social media platforms and televisions.

The campaign shows the relationship between a father and daughter, fathers are known for their selflessness and love for their children and fathers possess the characteristics such as dependability, availability, and care and the company claims that MG Gloster has all these characters.

The campaign shows both the father and daughter interacting and also shows both of them going on a drive and while they are traveling they play the guessing games and while they are on the drive the father gives hints to his daughter about the MG Gloster but the daughter thinks it is about the father.

The company has focused on the characters of selflessness and care that fathers show towards their children and the campaigns aim to display the feature of selflessness through the drive and shows the fun guessing game played by father and daughter.

The head of marketing of MG Motor India, Udit Malhotra stated that the campaign highlights  the autonomous level-1  features of the model have been shown clearly and the company claims that the campaign was created in such a way that can easily be understood by everyone and also to create knowledge about the future and the technologies which will be used in the automobile industry.

The senior vice president of Cheil India, Jaibeer Ahmad stated that MG Motors has always come up first with the different inventions and new technologies that mainly created while considering their customers. The new model creates  a  promise to the customers in India about having an enjoyable driving experience and also to change the standards which are set for full-size SUVs in the country.

Through the campaign, the company wants to promote the concept of what philosophy the company always supports and also to celebrate the relationships and the campaign also shows the effort and time one would spend for their dear ones.


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