Godrej and Boyce launches “Make WFH work” campaign


Godrej and Boyce launched a new campaign, which aims to make work from home a productive and motivating experience for the people.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic around the globe, as part of following the safety measures and to maintain social distancing, many organizations had developed the concept of work from home wherein the people of all age groups can work from their place more productively, where some of the people have adopted it easily and while still, some are struggling.

The campaign film is created in a fun way by infusing rap to discover how the work from home experience more productive and also keep the people to be engaged in their work. The campaign film begins with a video call between two professionals and the film then takes it to turn to the fun side, where the problems and the solutions related to it are conveyed in a rap battle.

The campaign is developed and created by Creativeland Asia and the campaign film displays a different variety of work from home furniture solutions form Godrej Interior and script brands and these products are proved to be sustainable in the environment as these products help in lowering carbon footprint and the combined solutions help to secure home through Godrej Security Solutions.

The executive director of Godrej and Boyce, Nyrika Holkar stated that work from home is something which is being adopted by almost all firms and the company states that it is important to make personal spaces in the home so that the people can be more engaged and productive in their work and while maintaining the connection with the family and the company claims that they are creating products for the people to have a better experience of work from home.

The chief executive officer of Creativeland Asia, Anu Joseph stated that work from home has become a reality and through the campaign film the company shows all the problems that are faced by people in their work from experience and the company have come up with solutions to help them solve those problems and it is filmed through a quirky rap battle.


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