MG Reassurance Program- The Entry of MG Motors into the Pre Owned Car Business


MG Motor India declared on Monday that it has entered the country’s pre-owned automobile business. MG Motor India stated in its release that it is now launching certified pre-owned, ‘MG Reassure’ cars with the goal of providing customers in its dealerships with strong and best remaining value for MG vehicles.

In order to maintain the inspection standards and conduct any repairs necessary before their re-sale, the pre-owned vehicles are assessed through more than 160 quality controls.

MG Motor India Chief Commercial Officer Gaurav Gupta said, “Thanks to MG reassurance, we want to create a forum that will improve openness, pace, peace of mind, and guarantee our Indian customers the best resale value of MG vehicles.” The initiative will improve the retention of customers and enable employers to remain within the MG family while enjoying flexible ownership, he added.

The company is now marketing hybrid cars in the country like Hector, Hector Plus, and ZS. In the festive season, it will also introduce the Gloster SUV. The MG Reassurance service now markets only MG vehicles. A three-year fixed contract of limitless miles, three complimentary utilities, and roadside assistance would be given to all those using MG vehicles. Upon turning them back to buyers, both vehicles must also be sanitized. MG distributors are also responsible for registering cars for customers. This promise bit is unique to our business because there is no such broad coverage by any used car dealer or organization. Since MG has been on the Indian market only a year now, the regular manufacturer guarantee applies to all such vehicles.

MG also produces lounges and coupés, which have engines up to three liters, best known for their open two-seater sports cars. The Corporation also operates SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the Chinese car company.


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