MicroFocus Announces ITOM COSO Data Lake to Support Full-Stack AIOps


We are in the era of the global digital revolution, where big data technologies are playing a crucial role and influencing not only individuals but also organizations to adopt the new method of data collection, storage, and processing.

MicroFocus announces the release of ITOM “Collect Once Store Once” (COSO) data lake with open access data platform on Vertica to support full-stack ALOps in Micro Focus automation and monitoring solutions. COSO data lake will be an integrated part of Network Operations Management, Operations Bridge, and Data Center Automation. It will provide the full extent of insights and reporting across different domains monitoring, managing, and patch compliance.

According to Saurabh Saxena, Director, India, Micro Focus, with the incorporation of new analytics capabilities into COSO, MicroFocus enables their Indian customers to decode big data management challenges and increase efficiency. This Industry-first approach of MicroFocus will benefit the Public Sector and enterprises to adapt better to market changes using analytics. It will also increase scalability and reduces the complexity of the IT environment.

According to Tom Goguen, CPO, MicroFocus, the diversity of data available today makes solving complex problems across different clouds and on-premises IT services challenging. COSO now offers unique storage and processing capabilities built on high speed and powerful data analytics platform of Vertica. full-stack AIOps developed with the incorporation of COSO into tools of Monitoring, process automation, and management to aid in recognizing the root cause and restoring services at a faster rate.

Important features of ITOM COSO data lake are as follows:

  • Automated Event Correlation (AEC): added to Operation Bridge. AEC uses machine learning to automate event correlation which is stored in COSO to identify patterns in voluminous event data and segregate root cause without manual rule generation or adding extra configuration.
  • Cross-Domain Reporting and Analytics: use of a single source of reporting the truth to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and identify the root cause faster with capacity planning support across multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructure, apps, and networks.
  • Open access Data Platform: direct access to Vertica’s data analytics and support to various Business Intelligence (BI) platforms according to the need of the customers.

Users can have time-sequenced and normalized data instead of unorganized data from multiple databases for running queries. It will also facilitate cross-domain reporting and new insights much faster and effectively. The open architecture of COSO will provide flexibility in reporting to meets the organizations’ demands.


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