Milind Soman: newest brand ambassador for Redcliffe Life Diagnostics


Milind Soman aboard as brand ambassador for a pioneer in diagnostics services, Redcliffe Life Diagnostics. On June 8th, 2021, Redcliffe Life Diagnostics published its union with Milind Soman. This collaboration is targeting to create awareness among the general mass about the significance of taking regular health check-ups. Its significance is further extended by health organizations such as the aforementioned one by collaborating with the fitness influencer to gain a wider reach among the general public since the country is sighted to be not as strong as other countries in the exponential rise of current challenges regarding the health sector.

“We are really delighted to have Milind Soman on board; he is a true ambassador and advocate of healthy living. He can be a great stimulus to encourage people to get routine health check-ups done on a regular basis,” said Dheeraj Jain in delight regarding the association with Milind Soman. He also mentioned that there is a myth that is rumouring around the public that those getting tested are established as being ill or sick. And with Milind on the platform, Dheeraj wants to break this myth.

On the other hand, Milind Soman also articulated his thoughts about the collaboration that, he is happy to be allied with Redcliffe Life Diagnostics because regular health check-ups can aid in detecting the disease early and also help people to decide the correct lifestyle and habits for themselves. He also expressed his thoughts about Redcliffe, how they preach about preventive public health in India and through that he is sure that health check-ups will be an encouragement in everyone’s lifestyle. In fact, Milind Soman was diagnosed with COVID-19 and just recovered this past month. 

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, during the previous two waves, has been working with utmost coordination and professionalism. They have been providing affordable yet advanced health packages during these critical times. They have also been conducting tests vigorously not only at their clinics but also collecting samples from homes. App-based booking is on the company’s agenda list, which also aims to coach and develop a robust team of phlebotomists to provide an array of tests at their centres.

In attendance in over 20 cities, Redcliffe Life Diagnostics is planning to widen its existence to over 100 cities in these coming years. 

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