JSW Cement’s new TVC emphasizes building a greener planet and stronger communities


The days of our future are the results of how we act today. While grasping and appreciating the world where we live, we must build towards the days to come. Successfully contributing towards a better future should always be the way ahead. Not many pay notice to this and that is specifically the issue that we face, but as we stand at the crossroads, staring at different uncertainties of the future, it’s the time we began working for our future.

JSW Cement is among those who believe in working towards a greater future. Being a young dynamic brand, the JSW Cement is paving its way for being a leader in the Indian construction industry. While they thrive on delivering superior quality products to customers, they at the same time create a sense of awareness about sustainability. They care about empowering the community and are committed to driving a positive change with efforts in education, women’s welfare, and health which helps build a self-sustaining social fabric in and around their plant operations. With its new TVC, JSW Cement highlights its core values and its belief in building a sustainable and stronger future. The narrative of TVC is being motivated by a common man and his desire to build his dream home. This also throws light on how the JSW Cements does not ensure the construction of strong homes but also plays a notable part in building strong communities and a greener planet.

The JSW Cement ensured that they will not leave any stones unturned in their intention of coming out with an off-the-hook commercial that has a memorable effect on the viewers. Crafted by the maestro himself, A. R. Rahman the music composition added a whole new level of energy to the TVC, which helps bringing the whole idea to the life. The rap in the TVC draws the attention of the viewers upon the essence of the bonds that they share with their family, nation, and community.

Their vision strengthened with innovative and ultra-modern technology, JSW Cement is India’s prime manufacturer of eco-friendly ‘Green Cement’. By having a strategic roadmap towards gaining best-in-class energy efficiency in production, this is their testimony to progressive thinking, a virtue that is highly valued upon.

“In this present age of the sensitive environment conditions, we are trying to portray the importance of using green products by showcasing the various concept of friendship ‘Yaariyaan’ between the JSW Cement, home builder, infrastructure and environment of our country. This has been merrily captured by legendary Oscar winner A. R. Rahman in the music composed and executed to perfection by Plotters Ink, in these difficult times of the pandemic.”

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