Sony YAY! announces new content, online children’s events in July


After a summer to recollect, Sony YAY!, t is back with a joyful July line-up for teenagers. The channel stays faithful to its promise of providing wholesome entertainment and brings fresh content, interactive virtual events, and initiatives around fan-favourite YAY! toons.

Sony YAY!, home to a number of the foremost beloved characters of the kids’ TV universe like Honey Bunny, KickO Super Speedo, and more, infuses its content library with a robust programming slate to serve kids their content of preference.

Starting with a number of the fan-favorite stories of Honey Bunny in Honey Bunny Top 20 Blockbuster Movie Block, also as coolest handpicked curation of their escapades in Honey Bunny Ticket to Adventure. Each moment with the Jholmaal gang is going to be crammed with hilarious camaraderie and light-hearted banter that youngsters have grown to like.

Fresh episodes of KickO & Super Speedo will take the young fans on edgy adventures where KickO will fight the deadliest of villains with the assistance of his cool gadgets and supercar.

While kids enjoy their share of YAY! toons universe on television, the brand brings their world alive with different online extensions and engagement sessions. Curating a hypnotic experience with Honey Bunny, Sony YAY! co-hosted a special watch party with YouTube star My Miss Anand called 2 Hours of fun with My Miss Anand.

The revered influencer kept the thrill at its peak as she danced with kids, held movie-themed rapid-fire sessions, and allowed the young fans to win exciting prizes. In another virtual event, Kick it like KickO, the channel will give children an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episodes of the favored show.

It will have World’s Youngest MMA coach- Coach Zishaan Khan teach kickboxing to foster the importance of well-being and fitness.

Add to that, an interactive ‘Mom & Me Time’ workshop will bring something for the young fans and their moms. These sessions will see the 2 teams shake a leg during a dance activity conducted by the Shiamak Davar Institute of humanistic discipline, study the wonders of the planet during a science workshop by Science Utsav, stay calm and composed during a Yoga session by Yoga Zoo and learn the art of storytelling with Little Red Book.

These fan-favorite offerings will surely touch a chord with kids as Sony YAY! welcomes them to a universe crammed with all things fun and entertainment!!!

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