Noise partners with SARVA for digital Yoga sessions

Digital wellness platform -SARVA and watch maker - Noise collaborate for digital yoga and fitness sessions.

Noise, India’s number one wearable watch brand, and SARVA, one of the biggest yoga and wellness digital platforms have decided to collaborate. This was announced on Thursday and under this partnership, Noise users benefit from attending SARVA’s curated Yoga workouts, meditations, and sleep stories.

SARVA, the “Yoga at home” based app provides both live and recorded classes as well as workshops on special topics for its users. Their mobile app has various courses such as – Yin Yoga series, Yoga for core strength, yoga for flexibility, wake up with Yoga, Yogic cardio, sleep stories to battle sleeplessness, 5-minute meditations, etc.

Through the collaboration, the brands are offering fitness enthusiasts a great deal!

The existing Noise users as well as the new ones can now enjoy the Yoga and meditation sessions provided by SARVA on the NoiseFit app available for both iOS and Android users. The cause behind the partnership is to promote the importance of physical and mental well-being, especially in today’s world, looking at the experience gained from the past two years, because of the lockdown and rapid spread of the Corona Virus has made all of us realize how health should be our priority. Keeping the mind and the body sane can take us to greater heights. By offering such facilities to its users Noise wants to build the largest active lifestyle community across the globe.

Noise watch users can access the Yoga, meditation sessions, and sleep stories in the ‘NoiseFit Health+’ section and keep track of the app with live monitoring during workout sessions.

Sarvesh Shashi, the founder of SARVA said that people of SARVA, working for a digital wellness platform, are confident that the accessibility of technology and the authenticity of 1,500 hours of Yoga content has the power to make a change in people’s lives. While the co-founder of Noise, Gaurav Khatri believes that is partnership will help in keeping a track of people’s health and also motivate them to take care of their well-being and added how the technology offered is the best in the market – “With Noise being one of the major players in the wearable’s market, we look forward to this to be a seamless process for the users which will truly elevate their holistic wellness experience”.

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