108MP Wonder- Samsung new Campaign on S21 Ultra 5G


Samsung India launched their new campaign to showcase how powerful is their new 108mp Camera.

The newly launched Samsung S21 Ultra 5G delivers impeccable quality images. The campaign comes with a quote, ‘They say a picture says a thousand words and we say a picture is worth many pictures’.

The revolutionary Ultra 108MP pro-grade camera is been even more penetrated to the targeted market through the Samsung Campaign #EpicDreamsOf21. For the first time in history, one can witness the magic of 21 unique dream shots captured in one epic shot.

The Campaign is conceptualized by Cheli India, coming up with 21 epic dreams of a life like never before. We have a clear picture of how the new world is carrying on. The usual things that we have been doing and enjoying moments that we didn’t matter are now has become a dream for everyone.

Going for a movie, dinner at your favorite restaurant, coffee with your loved ones, a trip to your place that you ever dreamed of, a chai talk with your buddies. All of these were once been our life, it is all the parts that we just left unnoticed, but now it is all dreams, the moments we want back and to have again.

The campaigns help us to go through all these beautiful moments and dreams. The dreams are of 21 stories that are captured in one shot. All the shots captured in the highest resolution camera a smartphone can ever have, yes, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the bliss of 108mp.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G lets you capture one shot and that will deliver you many details to crop into multiple photos, that’s what a 108MP camera could do. The epic picture into a hundred more beautiful pictures.

The campaign is geared by the award-winning film director, Daniel Zenas Upputuru, and shots by adept photographer Avani Rai. The campaign epitomizes the camera Excellency along with the smoothness of Samsung Photo Processing for their Indian Consumers through its unrivaled picture quality and opulent design.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with a quad-camera upgraded 108 MP and the features include the anti-shake technology 10x optical zoom both laser and dual pixel autofocus that enables the camera to come up with shots that even rivals the quality of DSLRs.

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