#AloneButTogether- Tata Pravesh launches its second Campaign


Tata Pravesh, the leading brand in the industry of steel doors and windows powered by Tata Steel has launched their new campaign #AloneButTogether addressing the need of getting together to face the pandemic globally.

The campaign conceptualized by Logicserve Digital, the largest independent Digital Marketing and Transformation Company in India, focuses on educating and empowering people for making wise choices in the current scenario and shows us how a simple kind gesture can spread positivity among others and the depth of its impacts.

‘Akela hi Kaafi Hai’, the present positioning of Tata Pravesh combines the new Campaign, since both carry the idea of building a strong human relationship in the Covid Pandemic. The campaign depicts how a single person can bring a change and make difference in people’s attitudes that will help millions to help fight this situation together, as a community.

#AloneButTogether focuses on how we can spend the pandemic period effectively and survive this situation by spreading a gesture of kindness. The campaign goes through different scenarios that are well related to the audience and certain thought-provoking scenarios such as planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, a monsoon catch up with friends, and how our attitudes are on delivery guys bringing necessities to our home. The video depicts all this and talks about how we can make a difference by simply changing our attitude, a simple way of spreading love.

P. Anand- Services and Solution, Tata Pravesh Said- ‘The company primary goal is to communicate the society the importance of the safety of yourself and your loved ones and to make wise choices in our daily chores. Already we are getting tons of positive replays on the ‘Akela hi Kaafi’ Campaign and we are proud that this effort is resulting in some way the society. Our new Campaign, #AloneButTogether, is to strengthen our activities and to make even safer our Indian Community. #AloneButTogether stands for spreading empathy, humanity, kindness, and encouraging each other to act responsibly.

Commenting on this new Campaign, Mahesh Swamy- SVP-PR Marcom, Logicserve Digital said- ‘This campaign is a reminder that the Corona Virus has not yet done and it is a peak point for us to be together, the isolation and the impact of lockdown have resulted in increased mental illness. It is time for us to hold one another hand and spread kindness and humanity all around the world. Since phase 2 unlocks, and everybody gets back on, the campaign shows the responsibility as a responsible citizen and spreading care’.

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