HDFC Salutes the Indian Army Through the New Digital Film


HDFC Life is an insurance company that released a new short film which is titled ‘Sada Surakshit Rahe’ This is mainly focused on the soldiers in India. The entire campaign is based on the idea that our soldiers have taken up the responsibility to protect us. We must pledge to take up the responsibility to dear and loved ones by the way of life cover. This is the latest campaign that emerged from HDFC Life with a unique thought. It would be a strong tool that can inject the idea of HDFC Life into the mind of customers.

HDFC Life is an Indian long-term life insurance provider. The headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India. The major function of the company is to offer group and individual financial services. This campaign is expressing love and respect for the individual. HDFC Life strongly believes that the Indian Army is always showing the values of strength, courage, Discipline, power, and determination. Soldiers in the Indian Army is always placing the duty above every other thing. Duty and the protection of our nation is the prime consideration for them. The HDFC Life is trying to encourage the consumers to protect their families just like the bravest men and women protect our nation. They are trying to convey a strong message through the latest campaign.

This is created by Logicserve Digital, gruelling warzone is the initial scene of this short film. The warzone is accompanied by the march past training regimen. The film is complemented with the track and sung by Ashim Kemson. Every shot is created beautifully. This is creating a strong in the mind of the audience. The affection towards the nation, the courage of the soldiers, and their willingness towards the nation vividly presented in this film. HDFC Life is successfully connected their message in the last part of the film. HDFC Life is trying to emphasize the life of customers. They are pointing that everyone should have a responsibility to protect and save the life of loved ones as soldiers doing for us. They have portrayed this content in an effective way that can place the position in the mind of customers. 

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