Youva presents – Youva Originals, sketching & colouring classes for kids


Youva, the native stationery product from the line of Navneet, has launched ‘Youva Originals’, a campaign to improve their creativity and learning for the children.

In associated with the campaign’s initial season, Youva will crowd limited cartoon tutorials every Friday, started on the 11th of June, via its social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

We used to grow up seeing comics, we can relate the most to those characters that build our childhood. With 4-5 minutes extended videos releasing every weekend (Friday), kids can acquire the knowledge to draw their favourite animation characters in small stages.

These special cartoon lessons will be shown by proficient artists using Youva’s line of brilliant products such as Youva Sketch Book, Premium Colour Pencils, Youva Stallion Pencils, and including other creative products from Youva.

The crusade has been visualised to evoke the enjoyment of drawing and painting among the broods. Given the state, children are detained at home and habitually spend time seeing their beloved characters. Youva’s objective is to inspire children to direct their creativity in state-of-the-art ways with these lessons and aid them to study and relish the procedure of sketching at the same time.

Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer of Youva, said that Youva, as the title advises, has constantly been united with fostering the young and nurturing their creative ideas. With this drive, they wanted to enhance children’s imagination and help them realize their concealed aptitudes through arts and crafts.

They are bringing in more expressive content on their social media handles for their followers. They wanted the children to understand the process of generating something that they like and to believe it will be a matchless innovative experience for them as well, Sanyal further added.

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