Hesa, commerce in a rural area, Telangana’s startup


Hesa is a rural tech start-up started by the IIT madras entrepreneur batch which makes lives easier in the rural area by establishing commerce between the buyers and the sellers. Knowing Vamsi Udayagiri, he is doing his best to bridge the rural gap between businesses and consumers. His latest business is Hesa, a company headquartered in rural Telangana, which symbolically connects the buyer and seller. Vamsi, founder, and CEO of Hesa said that the application redefines the business in the rural areas by providing a chain and digital connectivity even in any corner of the rural area. The integrated B2B marketplace from Hesa connects both sides and enables buying and selling with “direct access to the door”. His modern technological approach enables companies to reach, showcase, persuade and do business with their rural target audience.

  Hesa’s goal is to build a brand network and provide end-to-end access, which is an opportunity for rural consumers to create micro-entrepreneurs, thereby creating livelihoods of all sizes. After Hesa started operations in April 2020, Hesa’s total annual revenue was 30.12cr with an average monthly growth rate of 25% and a retention rate of 65%. Businesses in rural India mainly runs on trust factor and relationship they establish, he says. Hesa’s deep knowledge of rural customers and the presence of a local, technology-experienced entrepreneur make Hesaathi a reference partner for rural areas. 11 districts with a presence in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra and more than 7000 Hesaathis, of which more than 30% are women, used the Hesa platform for the business in a whole year.

 Hesa provides space for all companies to build their networks and reach the most remote corners to provide their products and/or services. In the villages served by Hesa, rural customers can buy or sell a series of products, use banking services, etc., use financial resources, and pay utility bills from the convenience of their villages. All you need to do is visit the local village-level entrepreneur (Hesaathi), who is part of the Hesa digital platform and acts on your behalf.

Hesa has also managed to deliver a basic kit worth around 400 rupees to Covid patients. It sold around 1000 kits a day. Since the federal and state governments created Covid insurance, Hesaathis has sold around 4,000 such policies every month.

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