Toaster collaborates with Google to launch #GetTheFacts campaign


The #GetTheFacts campaign strives to educate users about verified information around COVID-19 vaccines via the search engine.

Toaster India has collaborated with Google search to announce an ad campaign aimed at raising awareness new public awareness. The campaign will educate the users in India around the hesitation that they have regarding the vaccine by providing verified information available on the search engine.

The campaign is titled #GetTheFacts and it features an ad film in 8 languages for TV as well as in digital media assisting the need for verified and original Covid-19 related searches and content with a special focus aimed at the ongoing vaccination drive that is taking place across the country.

No matter how big or small the questions are, through a simple Google search users can get verified information is what the film further underlines. The better the questions, the better and more the answers, the closer to creating a better tomorrow.

Bhawika Chhabra, chief business officer, Toaster, thinks that brands should focus their energies on doing meaningful work and communication which will truly help people and create a positive impact in these grim times. By contributing to the Covid fight in India, Google has already done some remarkable work. They have already enhanced the products to provide specific and verified information. She said that the campaign is another step taken in the right direction. They have partnered with Google to create this campaign in almost 8 regional languages for TV and digital media. The campaign not only answers all the questions, and queries related to the vaccine but also encourages the users to ask any type of questions that they might have.

While talking about the intent behind the film, Ira Gupta, executive creative director, Toaster, said that they aimed to communicate in a dialect that is simple and conducive for the users. The ad film comforts the people and encourages them to ask more and more questions no matter how silly or important , the ad film makes them feel empowered to make informed decisions by using credible and verified information regarding the Covid vaccination drive, she further stated.

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