JioSaavn and Mondelez India joins to provide hyper-personalized information via a dynamic audio


JioSaavn and Mondelez India partnered to kickstart a campaign using dynamic audio descriptions. By unwrapping the expanded possibilities for digital audio advertising, this campaign is set to empower live data to deliver hyper-personalized contextual ads. 

This partnership focuses on consideration for the chocolate brand: Cadbury Fuse as a savior of hunger. Mondelez India wanted an innovative way to connect with the target audience and give each listener a truly personal description. The answer lies in the audio streaming giant’s ability to use streaming data with ad-technology to create attractive advertising experiences. 

Dynamic Audio enables advertisers such as Mondelez India to provide highly relevant audio descriptions of the listener’s streaming experience and moments. In this partnership between jioSaavn and Mondelez India, each listener will hear an ad placed in their city, their time of day, day of the week, and streaming style. This will lead to hundreds of audio ad variations across the four variables, and can also be scaled based on the required customization variables. 

This association leads to a good opportunity for many brands to penetrate their world through live advertising to give the right voice to their audience. It opens the door to dynamic audio brands to provide experiences that are tailored to the listener’s desired conditions.  

Virginia Sharma, Vice President of Brand Solutions at jioSaavn, said, “As an advertising publisher, it is our ongoing mission to innovate through data and technology to enhance the effectiveness of brands. Dynamic audio advertisers are offered the ability to combine the intimate and in-depth nature of audio with the technical advantages of the program. We are fortunate to have a partner like Mondelez, and we are happy with their efforts to bring it to the personalization scale.” 

Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director, Marketing (Chocolates), Statistics and Analytics, said, “This association is another great addition to our efforts to ensure effective and targeted communication, which is an important component of the journey to establish our marketing continuity and digital excellence. Influenced by the synergy between jioSaavn’s data-based effectiveness and the innovative description of our brand Cadbury Fuse, dynamic audio descriptions can help our personalization game and provide a truly integrated marketing approach. We are excited to unlock the possibilities of Dynamic Audio to strengthen our customer connect agenda”. 

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