Google & Reliance Jio team up to launch affordable smartphone in India


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the development of affordable smartphones with Reliance Jio is going at a swift pace. According to the PTI report, Pichai also said that Google continues its Indian partnership with Google on the smartphone initiative and the work on it is underway.

Comments from Pichai come about the commercial agreement signed between the companies last year to develop a basic, entry-level and affordable smartphone for a large population that is still deprived of smartphones and internet connectivity. While signing the agreement Google had also bought about 7.7. percent stake in Reliance Jio worth Rs 33,737 crores. Google while signing the agreement had also bought about a 7.7 percent stake in Reliance Jio worth Rs 33737 crore.

Pichai was addressing a virtual press conference for select press reporters from the Asia Pacific Region. He said that the companies are working on developing the phones with absolute focus and are committed to making progress on the project undertaken. While this affordable smartphone initiative has been talked a lot about everywhere, the price, the launch date, and several other details remain under the covers. When asked about the same, the Google CEO refused to share any details.

Reliance Jio brought tremendous daily internet revolution and changed the Indian telecom scenario at the time of its launch completely, is now tapping the largely rural population of India along with the American Company by developing an affordable smartphone. The combination of an affordable smartphone along with cheaper internet data plans not only to have great potential to make the internet accessible to more people but also helps the government deliver the essential services in a better way.

 Pichai, when asked if the Covid-19 crisis had impacted the progress of the projects, said that the pandemic has once again shown the crucial role that technology and the internet play in the lives of the people. He further added that Google has deepened its efforts during the pandemic by creating products like Google Meets and that the company strived hard to ensure that they run smoothly on the networks of the telecom companies.

Google has bought about a 7 percent stake in Reliance Jio to participate in the Google for India Digitisation Fund. Under this initiative, the company plans to invest a total of Rs 75,000 crores in the country over 5-7 years to help people get secure and safe access to digital technologies developed by Google.

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