Optoma rolls out affordable home theatre projectors


One of the leading home theatre projector and 4K UHD projection technology brand Optoma launched UHD33, India’s first affordable 240Hz, 4K UHD home theatre projector. The all-new Optoma UHD33 delivers vibrant colors, incredible details, and blur-free visuals that suit the needs of both gaming enthusiasts and home theatres.

Optoma is one of the leading multinational companies that specializes in the marketing and sales of projectors, image processing equipment, interactive flat panels and all-in-one LED displays. Optoma serves a wide variety of market sectors including home, education, corporate, entertainment, retail, museums, and simulation. The latest Optoma UHD33 is India’s first affordable 240Hz, 4K projector designed to provide an incomparable gaming and cinematic experience.

The all-new UHD33 4K UHD projector is a true blood projector that provides superior picture quality at an affordable price. Some of the key features of UHD33 are an 8-segment color wheel, true 4K UHD, lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate at 1080p, the dynamic black technology, 4-corner correction, 33~300” immersive image, and HDR10 HLG. The UHD33 perfectly incorporates an 8-segment wheel to achieve a stunning and vivid color performance. It also features color adjusting and calibration technology that presents the most accurate and truest hue scheme that provides an in-depth and fine-moving watching and gaming experience to users.

Priced at Rs 199000, the UHD33 provides a well-integrated and enhanced gaming mode as well a low input lag of 16.7ms that supports next-gen consoles for 4K effective gaming. The Optoma UHD33 has 3600 ANSI lumens of brightness with HDR10 and hybrid long gamma compatibility that produces rich and life-like colors with accurate detailing. It also features ultra-low 4.2ms latency that gives an ultra-quick response which is very much essential for gaming. The UHD33 provides users with crystal clear images during rapid action movements.

The country head of Optoma Corporation, Mr. Vijay Sharma commented that “the all-new UDH33 projector is designed to increase and double the gaming and visual experience of the users, by providing the powerful visual performance and lightning-fast refresh rates”. He also added that the pandemic and people being restrained to home has increased the habit of watching in people. With Optoma UHD33 users can have a wonderfully cinematic and gaming experience at home.

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