UTI Mutual Funds rolls out its new brand film on Mother’s Day


UTI Mutual Funds launched its new brand film on Mother’s day that shows how mothers have inculcated good habits in children. The brand film pays a tribute to mothers who have helped their children to be better investors by instilling small advices in childhood which has now helped them to be better human beings in life.

UTI Mutual Funds is one of the prominent mutual fund investment companies in India. It has a long and distinguished lineage with a nationwide network that is spread all across the length and breadth of the nation. UTI Mutual Fund has a competent and professional fund management team that handles all the investments and a strong research team to track, research, and evaluate the economic indicators, financial sectors, and capital markets. UTI also has appropriate and robust risk management processes and follows a five-layered investment management structure with advisory, control, execution, fund accounting, and decision making.

With the tagline ‘Sahi Baat Mummy Ne Kahi Thi’, the brand film shows a colorful example of how the advice given by mothers in childhood plays a key role to become better investors. The brand film was developed and conceptualized by Hotstuff Advertising. The digital film shows a wonderful example of how the right investor education plays a key role and shows the principles of investing through an indie-folk song that captures the attention and hearts of the audience.

Arun Fernandes, the CEO of Hotstuff Media Group while speaking about the film commented that “women, especially mothers are great investment mentors and it is now time to acknowledge their true skill and potential to be excellent financial planners”. The brand film launched as part of Mother’s day shows the strong bond between a mother and her child through various day-to-day activities, from waking up in the morning to encouraging them to take the first steps in life. All these habits help in achieving efficient and effective investment. The film shows how small lessons like start early, stay focused, and being informed helps us to be responsible and eventually aid us to handle hard-earned money responsibly.

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