Vedix celebrates Mother’s Day with #champitalkswithvedix campaign


India’s first customized Ayurvedic lifestyle and wellness brand Vedix rolled out its new #champitalkswithvedix campaign to celebrate the beautiful relationship between mothers and children. The campaign aims to explore the bond between mother and child and to rekindle the feeling of nostalgia.

Vedix is India’s first and only Ayurveda-based lifestyle and beauty brand that uses the power of AI to create customized products that suit the needs of individual customers. All the customized products that are made available at Vedix are specially formulated by a team of professional Ayurvedic doctors. Vedix provides a three-step solution to all beauty and wellness concerns. First Vedix provides a Dosha assessment questionnaire to assess the unique Dosha profile. Then a verified team of Ayurvedic doctors creates a custom regime according to the customer’s needs and finally, the customer can choose a suitable package that matches their needs.

The #champitalkswithvedix campaign intends to renew and rekindle nostalgia and to explore the beautiful bond that mothers and children share. The main idea behind the campaign is to bring out memories, personal stories, and anecdotes that evoke the feeling of love, happiness, and warmth. The campaign emphasizes how champi or head massages help to create an intimate bond in an Indian household and how it plays an important role to reduce stress. The pandemic and the increase in the spread of the disease has been quite a stressful period especially for women, who have to work from home while also managing the household chores.

The business head of Vedix, Jatin Gujrati commented that the current time of uncertainty has definitely given a lot of hardships, but it has also helped to give mothers a chance to spend some quality time with their children and loved ones. He said that “champi acts as a connector during this uncertain and difficult situation”. He also added that as a brand, Vedix aims to send a message that in times like these we must stand together and support each other.

The campaign was launched on Instagram as part of celebrating Mother’s Day, the campaign has received 100 personal stories from all across the country. The campaign aims to create a memory bank with about 10,000 stories that would help to look at the brighter side during these uncertain and challenging times.

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