Mohit Malik, Atul Khatri asks people to #TakeItLite on World Hypertension Day


During these days of lockdown, people are running around with a high temper, even the smallest moments in our day-to-day life such as doorbell ringing, low internet connection disturbs us so much that it triggers a stress reaction in us. According to various studies conducted it is said that laughter is one of the best medicines to lower our blood pressure most quickly.

With this concept in mind, as World Hypertension Day approaches, some of India’s famous and well-known comedians like Zakir Khan and Atul Khatri along with one among the Television’s most favourite face Mohit Malik has shared humorous tales about people who in their lives are already losing the cool element, and they urge people to Take It Lite.

Mohit Malik shared that “TakeItLite is an important message for people to hear about and to know more about than ever. We too had seen the effects of hypertension when one among our family experienced it. Through this, we understood the effect of anger on one’s well-being. Since then, we have been taking active steps to avoid it. Along with it, we have a healthy lifestyle with a regular count on our sodium count by consuming Tata Salt Lite which has a 15% low sodium salt”.

Zakir Khan, a famous comedian said that “In our country, as the new generation we have come to normalize anxiety and stress in our daily lives. These are mainly attributed to many external factors. It’s a crucial time to take care of our own well – being and to add to it I strongly believe that humour is a subtle way to reach out to the message to people across the world.

I truly resonate with the idea of this campaign as I have seen people so close who struggle with the problems of hypertension without finding its early symptoms. Through this campaign, Tata Salt Lite aim to encourage people in India to ease up their lives through #TakeItLite”.

Atul Khatri, a famous stand-up artist said that “I have suffered hypertension in my life, now we are more aware of these situations that we take more care for our well–being and how to manage it through simple lifestyle. I along with my family have switched to Tata Salt Lite as it helps us to manage sodium level daily”.

Kavita Devgan, Nutritionist at Tata Salt Lite commented that “On this Hypertension day we all should remember about the danger and risk hypertension has and the steps to prevent it”.

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