Mondelez India and Zee Network came up with “#SayThankYou” to the unsung heroes campaign


Mondelez India in association with Zee Network has introduced #SayThankYou campaign, which concentrates to expand Cadbury Dairy Milk’s ‘Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ recommendations. It recognizes and shows appreciation to the individuals, who gave their full effort to our lives regularly but yet go unnoticed.

The campaign highlights more than 21 specialists from across seven Zee channels, the understanding behind the content campaign lays in an adjustment in the public eye with a message of offering thanks conveyed by specialists or artists.

Anil Viswanathan, chief, and marketing head (chocolates) of Mondelez India stated that “Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand, accepts that if one thing can shine a light beam, even in intense occasions such as what we are facing, it is only generosity. As India’s most trusted brand, they felt a feeling of obligation as they made a pack advancement that speaks to the country’s sentiment. They are idealistic that this partnership will assist all with arriving at each edge of the nation and spread the soul of liberality.

Ashish Sehgal, Chief development official, advertisement revenue of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, stated that “When Mondelez India revealed that Cadbury Dairy Milk needed to recognize the unacknowledged, they understood that it was an incredible fitment with their brand, as offering thanks is a piece of Zee’s DNA too. To activate and intensify the idea of #SayThankYou, ZEE’s marked content and partnership group conceptualized an excellent content campaign by utilizing the massively spread signals of the network across TV, OTT, and social to convey this wonderful idea to all pieces of the nation. In the soul of the campaign, thank you Mondelez and Wavemaker for collaborating with us.

Shekhar Banerjee, Chief customer official and Head of Wavemaker India, stated that “We are of different generation; we don’t wait, we are eager to proceed onward to our next identification, next entertainment or the next breaking news. On media, they attempted to swim against this tide and recognize the ones who are frequently skipped.  My sincere ‘thank you’ to Zee network on this joint effort on a famous brand likes Cadbury Dairy Milk. They have made these real and heartfelt moments to recognize the ones who remain in the background, helping us every day.”


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