“We set a tripod on a towel and dragged it for tracking shots”: Boman Irani on shooting ad at home


Most recently, promotion film Circa has promoted a portable blood pressure measuring gadget, features an on-screen character, Boman Irani. The film was captured inside the Irani’s home in Byculla, South Mumbai. The shoot occurred under the direction of Irani’s children Danesh and Kayoze (the two on-screen characters). His better half Zenobia, who was the ‘clapper young lady’, would also drop some efforts to give directions.

The film has been made and created by Medulla Communications, a Mumbai-based healthcare organization. Film creation and shooting were limited in Mumbai as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, compelling advertisement offices, and creation houses to search for more up to date and more methodologies to execute projects. The commercial is a bit of the brand’s campaign “#ShareYourPressure”. The Circa advertisement movie opens with a reference from one of the evergreen blockbuster film ‘3 Idiots’ and a pencil sketch (representation) of Viru Sahastrabuddhe, or ‘Virus’, the short-tempered college director or principal role played by Irani in the film. All got some information about Irani’s experience of shooting his first ‘in-house’ business even in this COVID-19 lockdown period.

Irani wondered about the execution when he got the thought. He called his children (Danesh and Kayoze) to get him out with the advertisement film, as to elaborate shooting wasn’t possible in a selfie format.

”Both were busy with their own work, yet he used his effect as a father to get them in. He got them on a call with the director, and creation group, and finally they had many gatherings like meetings. They did preliminary shoots with the telephone’s camera and broadcasted the feed live over Zoom calls so that the groups could watch what was going on,” Irani says.

This was trailed by a 15-minute meeting before another round of shooting. While it was Danesh, Kayoze, and Zenobia on the ground, it was Abhinay Patil (imaginative chief, Medulla) and Falgun Busa (film creation lead, Medulla/WYP) on Zoom.

The best part about the shooting was presumably the stopgap hardware used for the shoot:

“They may improve with the family through material like putting the tripod on a towel and hauling it around for tracking shots for the film. It was Danish’s thought and was used for the main shot of the film. Again, they have put a selfie stick on a shoebox and afterward push it for zoom-in shots,” Irani reveals.


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