Monk Entertainment unveils creator-led campaign for Muvin


Monk Entertainment, a digital media agency, has conceptualized a three-part creator-led campaign for muvin. Muvin is India’s teen-centric pocket money app that encourages young consumers of the country to take charge of their financial knowledge and create greater awareness for their digital financial inclusion.  

Monk Entertainment highlights the quick and easy services that are given by muvin. The campaign also focuses on the underestimation of an underdog with its relatable and clever scheme to target this user segment. The main goal of this campaign is to empower Indian teens with digital financial inclusion and financial knowledge. The campaign features some of the industry’s developing and Monk Entertainment’s exclusive content creators like Muskan Ranka, Vanshaj Singh, and Devishi Madaan. The skillful team at Monk-E churned out a 360-degree empowering and lively campaign for muvin, right from creative conceptualizing to end-to-end production to scripting and editing.  

Talking about the campaign, Mahima Thakar, social media head, says that when they work at Monk Entertainment, they have always pushed themselves to raise the bar of achievement with every project they have been doing. The ad campaign with muvin had not been any exception from the others. Mahima Thakar also says that the idea was to create brand awareness in a fun, youthful, and creative way. With total creative control, they have designed this three-part 360-degree creator-led ad campaign.  

Mukund Rao, the co-founder of muvin, also comments on this. He says that more than ever before, the teenagers in the country are steadily becoming financially independent. As young consumers, they are opinionated when it comes to their personal life and the choices they make, whether it is related to fashion, food, gadgets, or travel. Muvin helps find solutions for each of their problems, including their pocket money app, prepaid card, and the RuPay keychain are fully self-assisted and self-managed, empowering the teens to conduct online and offline transactions in a secured and simplified manner. Mukund Rao also says that they are confident that the creative churned out by Monk Entertainment will assist them in their mission to educate teenagers and their parents on the relevance of financial knowledge at a time when payments are increasingly becoming digital. The campaign resonates with their target audience, who want to take better control of matters regarding their financial freedom. 

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