Mother Dairy adds new packaged food items to its frozen foods line


Mother Dairy introduces packed cut okra, drumsticks, turmeric paste, and sweets as a component of its new frozen food source arrangement.
Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable have declared the dispatch of packed cut okra (otherwise known as bhindi), drumsticks (moringa, Sajna), and turmeric paste under its Safal line. The new dispatches are joined by two new bundles of sweets, which further extend Mother Dairy’s desserts portfolio.

While the cut and stuffed vegetables are genuinely new, what truly stands apart is the turmeric glue. Turmeric is a critical zest in Indian kitchens, however has customarily been utilized in fine powder structure. The paste format doesn’t see a great deal of utilization because of the absence of prepared accessibility and the irregularity part of the new products (accessible from January to March).

t likewise stamps Mother Dairy’s entrance in the flavors class, yet through the paste way. Returning to the stuffed vegetables, Indians have generally purchased their veggies from open business sectors. The buy isn’t simply value-based. All things being equal, it is to a greater degree a custom of cautious singling out.

Where do the ‘frozen’ variations fit, at that point?

One clarification is the COVID-actuated interest for wellbeing, cleanliness, invulnerability, and trust, which fuelled the interest for ‘marked and pressed’ items. This, combined with the pattern of at-home food utilization, has arisen across classifications in course of the most recent while. It has contacted numerous areas, which have customarily been overwhelmed by ‘free’ variations, similar to dairy, rice, desserts, and so on.
With the developing spotlight on cleanliness, quality and comfort, Mother Dairy is out to mark the privilege boxes.

Safal frozen drumsticks are evaluated at Rs 60/pack, Safal okra cut at Rs 50/pack, Safal Haldi paste 3D square for Rs 50/pack. The new things join Safal’s current bundled portfolio, which incorporates green peas, cut jackfruit, corn, and cut blended vegetables.

The earliest dispatch in the frozen vegetables was bundled peas, which was dispatched during the 1990s with the suggestions of uniform quality and round the year accessibility. Mother Dairy additionally dispatched frozen Jamun pulp in August a year ago. The ‘frozen’ line is based on Mother Dairy’s ability in sourcing ranch produce for its Safal outlets.

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