Mumbaikars to wear ‘Dali’ masks


To remind people to continue to wear masks, Netflix India, the Maharashtra government, and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation have come together to support the distribution of 1 lakh masks all over Mumbai.

Locals outfitted in red jumpsuits and Salvador Dalí motivated masks, like the actors of the Netflix series ‘Money Heist’, were observed distributing masks on the Mumbai streets.

Conceptualized by the inventive agency The Glitch, the campaign is conducted to drive awareness about the significance of wearing masks at all times.

Talking about the campaign, Varun Anchan, associate vice president- content strategy & business, [email protected] Glitch said that Just like the buffs, the team was fascinated by the new season of Money Heist.

They were also aware that everyone have been slightly lenient about wearing masks despite it being necessary. With the Covid laws easing out, we forgot that our battle with the virus is still on.

The news was primarily directed towards the people but it worked as a reminder for the lovers of Money Heist also that the war isn’t over for the Dali mob either.

Anchan comments that in the last few seasons, the Dali mask became equivalent to the gang and what they stood for. That motivated the company to turn their everyday masks into Dali masks.

Anchan notified that the preliminary brief from Netflix was to power the fans for Money Heist and get in new watchers for the show. He further said that once they broke the idea and the message that it’s not over yet, keep your masks on, it was all about unraveling the word to as many people as possible.

Getting the masks to one lakh people was an enterprising action, Netflix and Maharashtra Government made sure they had all the approvals in place for seamless enactment of the drive.

The squad was a bit nervous about meeting the one lakh masks target. Nevertheless, Anchan says that once the Dali gang hit the roads, they were welcomed with an overpowering response from the Mumbaikars.

The squad managed to fill in all many major crossroads, corners, and some flats and offices in the city and every passerby liked the Dali mask.

Volume 1 of the 5th season of ‘Money Heist’ was released earlier this month, and volume 2 and the final part will be released on December 3.

Tara Kapur, films & series marketing manager of Netflix India, also shared her experience in a post on LinkedIn. She wrote that everyone should keep their mask on as it’s not over yet. A reminder from the ‘Money Heist’ squad, the Government of Maharashtra and the BMC for people to continue to be safe and wear masks during the COVID- 19 pandemic. And she also thanked Saurabh Punamiya Jain for all the aid provided by the BMC and Mumbai Police for assuring that things went smoothly on the ground, as well as Lavanya Singh and Ambika Khurana for bringing the idea a truth.

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