‘Nazar Ghati, Durghatna Ghati’ campaign by Lenskart.com


In this IPL season, Lenskart.com captured some of the amazing Cricketing moments to introduce their brand new campaign ‘Nazar Ghati, Durghatna Ghati’. The campaign is aiming at entertaining the viewers along with a message, that is collaborating with the spirit of cricket with the importance of clarity of vision to reach every goal, whether on a cricket match or in your job as well.

Along with this novel approach to the Cricket fever gripping the country, it’s spun a pun on the popular idiom ‘Nazar Hati, Durghatna Ghati’, to come up with a pop culture-inspired meme fuelled campaign. As they say, necessity is that the mother of invention, and rightly so. In advertising, the approach of Lenskart.com is to make things moving forward in each and every facets of life, even in these toughest times of Corona. The true challenge is that Covid-19 shows no signs of abating shoots for any visual content.

Innovating in such times, the Eyewear leader, Lenskart.com, pulls off a first, featuring licensed real cricket footage, courtesy of BCCI, to showcase the campaign concept. In the latest series of ads, Lenskart.com plays on the word ‘Ghati’ to represent its two meanings, first one is to decrease and the second one is to the event, thereby portraying the concept of-hampered vision leads to mishaps.

The videos have already gained millions of organic views and on Instagram, it got over 20,000 shares and that is the proof of which the campaign is so successful. The campaign, also addresses the key issue of loss/diminished vision can result in many mishaps in real-life. Missing a vital catch or mixing up at the stumps can be construed as parallel circumstantial comparisons with real-life situations thereby emphasizing the necessity for preventing disasters or mistakes by having clarity of purpose with the proper vision.

Speaking on the new TVC and product offering, Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Lenskart.com stated that they have always connected with their fans through credible and authentic communication but keeping it fun and light. The campaign has received an amazing response from their fans & patrons and their passion for innovation in vision stands right, he added.


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