NBA King as Salsa King? LeBron James conquers morning with MTN Dew Rise Energy


Ever wondered what the Basketball Legend and NBA King, LeBron James would have been if he snoozed? A salsa king perhaps! But then again, that’s not how legacies are made. Now with the all-new Mountain Dew Rise Energy get ready to grind and conquer the morning cause “Would you rather have late-night regret or early morning rewards? – LeBron James.” “When I rise, it’s to work every day to build something great.”

PepsiCo pulled off a giant coup in March this year and roped in LeBron James to endorse the brand’s newest energy drink the Mountain Dew Rise Energy. The FMCG giant succeeded in convincing James to leave rival Coca-Cola, which he endorsed for the last 17 years and join PepsiCo. The one-minute spot “LeBron James x MTN Dew Rise Energy- The Morning Makes You” directed by critically-acclaimed director F. Gary Gray and produced by TBWA\Chiat\Day NY features basketball champion LeBron James like an ordinary mortal who might have let himself get distracted in life. The brand’s first-ever ad campaign “The Morning Makes You” will run nationally in the US across multiple platforms, including digital placements and broadcast.

“Who would I be if I snoozed? Skipped the practice year and year? If I lost sight of my goals?” asks the NBA King in the opener for the newest Mountain Dew spot. Los Angeles Lakers legend as “Salsa King” would leave fans flabbergasted. “Na, I choose to rise,” says LeBron James in response. While choosing the conventional path and snoozing the alarm, binging cartoon, ordering pizza, doing laundry and mowing the lawn; may be an easy way to go about for the rest of your lives, it’s not an option for dedicated and motivated ones like James who hit the court every morning and relentlessly push their limits to seize “the new opportunities that every morning brings.”

Mountain Dew Rise Energy is a 25-calorie, 5% fruit juice added energy beverage with antioxidants, vitamins A and C for immune support, 180 mg of caffeine and citicoline that offer a mental boost with zero grams added sugar. It is available in 16 oz cans in six invigorating, refreshing flavours: Pomegranate Blue Burst, Tropical Sunrise, Peach Mango Dawn, Orange Breeze, Berry Blitz and Strawberry Melon Spark. The energy beverage is now available in all major retail stores and e-commerce platforms or can be bought directly from for an average MSRP of $2.59.

“I’m really proud of this spot and what the partnership represents. It’s more than a drink. It’s about working every single day to be the best you can be,” said, LeBron James.

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