NBFCs suffer a drop in car loan market share


NBFCs are losing market shares to banks in vehicle and SUV financing and are moving their concentration to utilized vehicles, bikes, and business vehicles instead. A blend of capital imperatives among NBFCs and re-established aggression from public sector banks (PSBs) has prompted this circumstance, said, auto financiers. In an offer to develop their retail portfolio, PSU banks are offering automobile loans at 7.25% to 7.7% compared with NBFCs whose rates range from 8.75% to 11%.

While State Bank of India (SBI) is offering automobile loan credits beginning from 7.7%, others are considerably less expensive with Central Bank of India offering loans at 7.25%, trailed by Canara Bank (7.3%), United Bank of India (7.4%) and Indian Overseas Bank (7.55%).

Tata Motors group CFO P B Balaji stated that as of recent times, NBFCs have lost their market share to PSU banks, which have become more forceful and that incorporates Tata Motor Finance. In contrast to banks, NBFCs depend on wholesale funds. Banks are currently going slow in loaning to financial organizations with RBI urging banks to take the co-loaning model to exploit NBFCs’ networks.

As per M Ramaswamy, CFO at Sundaram Finance, banks are flush with liquidity and can cut down rates. He further added that they are confronting pressure in certain business sectors, contingent upon how forceful they turn. It is a mixed bag, generally taking into account people with higher risk profiles and as a result of our great ratings, the expense of funds has likewise descended. Thus, in specific areas, NBFCs have lost the market share and in others have picked up.

Sundaram Finance saw a 20% gap in loan payment in the September-finished quarter, 2020. Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company (CIFC) saw a complete payment decline by 30% year-on-year in its vehicle finance section for the quarter-finished September 2020, as indicated by research reports of financier firm Motilal Oswal. This avoids the tractor and construction equipment (CE) portions.

Shriram Transport Finance dispensed ₹650 crores of loan credit, which was half of a year ago. Likewise, 97% of payments were in the used vehicle section. Umesh Revankar, MD and CEO, Shriram Transport Finance mentioned that the attention is on individual and small truck owners who like to purchase utilized vehicles. Typically, banks don’t loan to utilized vehicles since it is time-consuming and requires vehicle valuation and possession transfer paperwork.


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