News9 Plus launches Duologue with Barun Das


MD & CEO of TV9 Network, Barun Das now dons a new hat in the just launched OTT series – Duologue with Barun Das. The show debuted India’s newest all-India sensation, the real-life ‘Liger’ Vijay Devrakonda, on News9 Plus’ newly launched OTT video magazine.

Another guest on Das’s show is former British Prime Minister David Cameron, who wrote the script by being the youngest to lead the country in two centuries and creating unparalleled relations with India.

Discussing about the origin behind Duologue, Das said, “Duologue is a dialogue conversation with a celebrities or upcoming celebrities. This is the profile that the show will contain. As the name suggests, it’s a two-way interaction where we ask each other questions and exchange ideas in a free-flowing way.”

Das added, “The driving force is required for me to gather great ideas for India’s development journey while playing this role. I also believe there is room to create long-term and meaningful conversations in a content landscape currently dominated by sensationalism.”

“Barun Das doesn’t have an experience of a professional anchor or a traditional leader. As a CEO, he always outperformed the industry. Little known in the public sphere is his unique and uncanny ability to cut through conflicting narratives with great ease while stitching together loose threads and building meaningful conversations with intelligent minds,” said Sandeep Unnithan, News9 Plus editor.

In Duologue’s first episode, the discussion between Vijay Devarkonda and Barun Das about  the Telugu boom in Bollywood, and also the life and times of both, while sharing previously unknown experiences and perspectives.

After watching the show, veteran Sunil Lulla, founder and chief evangelist of The Linus Adventures said, “Very interesting and interesting. Duologue opens up new voices and new perspectives,”.

“I liked that part. Barun is so natural. I feel this kind of content can reach a whole new demographic… not just rule India but reach the world,” said Florida-based Poonacha Machaiah, US director of the Chopra Foundation and founder of Seva.Love.

Next up on Duologue with Barun Das, Das engages with David Cameron on India’s role in the emerging global order.

Das’s Duologue is an exchange of ideas with others on television that is not provoked by the main management but develops emancipated conversations with influencers. The show is now streaming on the News9 Plus app, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, as well as on the web.

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