‘NEXA Journeys’ by ZEE Zest: A luxurious travel expedition


Dreams are made of experiencing the magnificence of the finer things in life. And so, to bring the epitome of luxury to your TV screens, Zee Zest has announced the launch of its new show ‘Luxe Pins’, in collaboration with NEXA. It is the first of its multi-part NEXA Journeys Series. It is hosted by a youth icon, celebrity anchor, and noted actor Karan Tacker. The first episode aired on 14th August 2022, at 8 PM, on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD. 

Luxe Pins is a series of 8 episodes that aims to be a getaway to exclusivity, vividly living through the eyes of the show’s host. Scenes range from luxury hotels to handcrafted fragrances, from tree-top adventures to bespoke accessories. Only a select few have access to the unfathomable luxury experiences that India is home to, and the host takes the audience on that unexplored journey of the finer things. He’s in the posh NEXA XL6 as he travels through a world of splendor. The show offers front-row seats into a world in which every step is manicured, every room is regal, and every meal a MasterChef. 

It is a must-watch show for those who have a discerning taste in life, as it takes you through unique experiences of luxury, from ‘The Table in the Water’ in Goa to the bespoke fragrances in Bengaluru, from glamping in Rishikesh to a Polo game in Jaipur. The show thus encapsulates the idea of Living Life King Size. 

The launch of the campaign ‘NEXA Journeys presents Luxe Pins’ also marks a year-long collaboration between Zee Zest and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. It aims to bring us a series of unique shows which are centered around luxury, travel, road-tripping, and much more! 

Zee Zest has been a leader in the lifestyle space since its launch and has always endeavored to offer high-quality content and ideas with which advertisers can partner. This association between Zee Zest and NEXA is a win for both of them since Luxe Pins aligns with Zest’s content philosophy of ‘unlimiting’ life and its experiences, and NEXA Journeys’ objective to create luxurious travel experiences.

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