Nike portraying the ‘Best Day Ever’ of sports in its new ad


Nike’s latest ad – “Best Day Ever” is a motivating ad full of exuberance. It focuses on the importance of sports and the importance of treating our athletes with respect. Showcasing a perfect scenario of a day in the future wherein our world is a better place for athletes and sportspersons Nike has really raised a question in our consciousness about the present condition of our hardworking athletes.

Envisioning an ideal tomorrow, the new Nike ad goes as such – “tomorrow, by lunchtime, a shoe will grow from a seed…, a woman will run a marathon on Mars…, also, tomorrow we will all finally respect athlete’s mental health and once sport is declared a human right, tomorrow will go really crazy!” Focusing on the creativity and inclusivity of the entire community, the ad is full of real-life examples. Nike’s elite athletes such as Tennis player Serena Williams, field sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, American Basketball players LeBron James and A’ja Wilson. There is also a glimpse of the wheelchair tennis legend Diede de Groot launching her video game. Sha’Carri Richardson, who was in the headlines recently for her one-month suspension after testing positive for marijuana, was also spotted in the ad. 

The purpose behind the inspiration ad was to make people believe that sports have the power to empower and bring change. It has the power to bring us all together in happiness, build a supportive community and make conditions better for upcoming athletes. The ad-makers, Wieden and Kennedy said that they wanted the audience to feel the emotions that an athlete goes through, they wanted to inculcate this emotion and the potential it has to bring change in each of its viewers.

With the Olympics coming soon, this is probably the best time to release a sports enthusiastic ad to the audience The ad stirs the next chapter of Nike’s Play New Campaign. The film depicted a world where anything in sport is possible with hard work and consistency. The ad speaks to the notion that we can create a better future through the joy of movement and play.

The sports brand has a grand history of supporting athletes and sportspersons through its ads and campaigns. 

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