Niramai partners with Apollo Health & Lifestyle to support AI-based breast cancer screening services


Niramai Health Analytix has partnered with Apollo Health & Lifestyle (AHLL), India’s leading multi-specialty clinics, to provide contact-free, privacy-sensitive, and breast cancer screening services to clients. Niramai is promising AI-based cancer screening. The company said that screening facilities would initially be available at all Apollo Clinic clinics across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune and that Pan-India would be ramped up in due course.

Niramai’s patented solution ‘Thermalytix’ uses a high-resolution thermal sensing system and a cloud-based analytics system to analyze thermal images using massive data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for efficient, early, and precise breast cancer screening.

Anand Wasker, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Clinic, said, “We have all primary health care services under one roof through the Apollo Clinic format and are committed to delivering world-class healthcare services to our clients. We are pleased to work with a creative organization like Niramai to deliver early breast screening that will support our clients.

Established by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur, Niramai has awarded nine US patents and several prestigious awards for its analytical-based solution — Thermalytix. Niramai refers to “Computer Intelligence Non-Invasive Risk Management.”

“Thermography is well known to detect early symptoms of cancer. However, the conventional manual interpretation of the thermogram was not precise enough to be recognized as a standard of treatment. The use of machine learning allows predictive detection and helps to accurately visualize thermal images and greatly enhances overall diagnostic performance, “Geetha shared with AIM.

Thermalytix operates by putting a 3-foot high-resistance sensor on the lady’s chest to calculate the temperature distribution and generate thermal images. It then analyses these thermal images to automatically produce a radiologist-certified screening / diagnostic study. As part of this partnership, consumers will now be able to conduct their yearly preventive breast screening and routine breast health check-ups. The procedure is suitable for women 18 years and older and is responsive to anonymity, non-invasive, free of radiation, and can detect the slightest lumps or anomalies.

Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO, Niramai, said, “Our goal is to establish a universal cancer screening approach that allows early identification of anomalies right before the signs occur, which significantly decreases treatment costs, improves patient quality and, most importantly, provides people with a healthier lifestyle. We’re excited to work with Apollo Clinic to take our scientifically validated Thermalytix screening program to even more women in India and save lives.

Customers can use the screening facility either at separate places in Apollo Clinic or can book home screening services from their closest Apollo Clinic Centre.


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