Wipro’s latest campaign depicting Safe & touch-free lighting


Wipro lighting highlights contactless lightning technology through its latest digital campaign. In their latest brand campaign, their idea of touch-free lighting is portrayed by an interesting tale based on the message of “one less touch” in our everyday activities.

With the increasing spread of coronavirus, social distancing norms and continuous sanitization caution have become a crucial necessity in our daily lives. And while we continue to learn about technical advances to eliminate physical interaction, not many, at least until now, occur in India. The selection of lighting controls allowed by Wipro Lighting with voice guidance is a “revolutionary” step in today’s scenario.

The ad film begins in the middle of the night when a doctor returns from the service home. His hand automatically reaches out for the switchboard to turn on the switches, but he backs up easily and makes a voice order to turn on the switches, preventing any physical touch. As he proceeds in search of some snacks, a voice is heard as his daughter stops him saying, “Alexa, switch on the Wipro dining room lights,” and then says “Sabka khayal rakthe hai. Par khud ka kaun rakhega? ”. 

The campaign aims to convey the tale of our military heroes wonderfully as they struggle to keep their loved ones safe at all times while portraying the advantages of this ‘contactless’ lighting system in their day-to-day operations.

Nikhil Narayanan, Creative Director, Ogilvy said, When technology products always prefer the direct and cold approach, Wipro has often stressed their contact by choosing the smoother, warmer path. This one isn’t any different. It’s more of a tribute to our doctors than a hard-selling commodity video, given the troubling times we’re in; The smart light deliberately takes a backseat in the plot and plays an enabler of sorts, making its position shockingly human. 

Sanjay Gupta, Senior Vice President & Business Leader, Wipro Market Lighting and Switches spoke about this initiative, “Covid-19 has influenced everybody’s life and changed completely the way we go about doing even the normal things. This latest Wipro lighting commercial is to illustrate the need to cultivate one more improvement for the health and safety of everyone. It points out one of the advantages of Wipro smart lighting, allowing the user to stop hitting the switches, guaranteeing everyone’s protection with “one touchless.” We have zeroed in on this script as it further highlights the sacrifices made during these tough periods by health care workers and their families.


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