No complete lockdown in Kerala says, Veena George


Despite the number of Covid cases rising in our state, health minister Veena George mentioned that there won’t be a complete lockdown imposed as it will badly affect the normal life of the people and the economy. 

The economic activities in the state will get affected so badly if a lockdown is imposed and in order to avoid that we should work together following the guidelines implied by the government she said to the media.

The covid cases in Kerala on Saturday was 5,000 and there was 5,296 new case of coronavirus in the state as per the reports on Friday and on Saturday it increased up to 5,944.

The minister said that the restrictions and home isolation guidelines will be tightened in the state as per the spread of the virus. 

She also added that the instructions are given to initiate full-fledged services

 in the first-line treatment itself in order to stop the spreading as well as to prevent the situation from going into a bad phase.

The union government also added that the international passengers who are coming to India must go under a seven-day quarantine and also have a negative RT-PCR test report and the order will be enforced into action from January 11, 2022. 

The state, Kerala also has decided to impose a seven-day quarantine for the people who are coming outside to the state as well as a fully vaccinated certificate and a negative RT-PCR test after the quarantine.

She also stated that 280 omicron cases have been reported in the state and the maximum number of cases have been reported from the low-risk countries.

Even if the RT-PCR test is negative the government has initiated the people who come from abroad to undergo week isolation after that. Out of the death rate, 33 were recorded over the last few days as Omicron and 209 as covid 19 deaths. 

There are 31,098 active covid cases in the state where only 7% are hospitalized as per the health department reports.

As per the Sunday morning reports those who were found infected among them 80 people were outside the state while 5,479 got it from the contact.

Among them, 48 health workers are infected and the total number of recoveries exceeds 5 lakhs in number.

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